Brunch, Rooftop Bar & Disneyland, L.A.

Los Angeles was another great trip with work and this time I took one of my friend Carly with me too and she absolutely loved it. We had so much fun in the sun and in the evening we went to Disneyland which bring back so much of our childhood memories.

Firstly I took her to Brunch by Venice beach called ” SunnySpot “ at = 822 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, USA Please do go visit because the food in there is delicious, great price, great mimosa, amazing bloody marry and tasty rum punch. SunnySpot have a great vibes of group of people, they have televisions for you to watch sport and music is great too. If you are looking for a cool, chill out place for Brunch with your girls I definitely recommended this place!

I do recommend you make a reservation before you go because they do get really busy in there and it might be sometime until a table become available

After we went to Venice beach for a little walk around and she got to see muscle beach too. Then we went to the rooftop bar called ” High Rooftop Lounge ” at 1697 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA is actually a hotel called ” Hotel Erwin ” 

High Rooftop Lounge is the only rooftop bar in Venice and have epic sunset views!

We did not get a table because it was super busy, so same I would make a reservation before you go!

Then it was time for us to go to ” Disneyland ” 

” Disneyland Park, originally Disneyland, is the first of two theme park built at the Disney Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on 17 July 1955. It is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney “

Both of us never been to Disneyland before, so this was a pretty big night for us! As we was walking in we both just looked at each other with a biggest smile on our faces and was holding hands, that moment we was just like the two little girls again. Then First thing we did was running to the shop to get the Mickey Mouse ears.

We watched the fire works, the water show with all the disney character, went on the rides, we was eating popcorn and candy floss! I can honestly say that we had the best time and would definitely do it again and again! I wish I can put up all the pictures from my trip but I have around 200 pictures, I don’t think it will fit. From all these pictures I hope you can see how much fun we had and hope you all enjoy this post. Thank you for your time to look at my blog.




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