Afternoon Tea at Woburn Abbey

On my day off today I decided to go for an afternoon tea with my friend Hannah at WOBURN ABBEY even though the weather was not that great. It was raining, windy and had a little bit of sunshine, but it did not stop us! I can honestly say it was so worth it 🙂

To get to The Duchess’ tea Room you have to go to the entrance to Deer Park and the Abbey which you have to drive for an extra 2 miles. On our way through there were so many deers around, slowly crossing the road right in front of you so you have to drive pretty slow! But to get to see all those deers so close up like that was so worth it. There were small lakes around that make it even more beautiful and peaceful.

When you get there the staff will take you through to the tea room, you then pick your tea and they will bring out Dainty sandwiches, scones accompanied by fresh cream and fruity jam, cakes and freshly made pastries. You then can enjoy it with your friends in the breathtaking historical surroundings! After you can go walk around in the garden to get so many lovely pictures.

Here are some of the pictures from today, I hope you all like them ->

My Outfit :

Jumpsuit – Topshop

Kimono – Topshop

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag – Mulberry 


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